Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Day

I woke up today feeling ravenous. Also in pain because of this bloody period. But - on the good side my stomach muscles were also a little sore, so not all the pain was bad - I must have worked them a bit if they are smarting today. Weighed in at 55.7 kg. Booya! How I managed to lose 200g is beyond me but not going to get too excited because it's probably just the error margin on the scales. Sigh.

So breakfast:

1 bowl Sultana and Bran with 1/2 cup skim milk

Hunger scale: 8

I will probably have a cup of tea or coffee soon after because I need my caffeine in the morning...

Yesterday I also tried on various items of clothing that I had not touched in about 6 months. You know, just to torture myself to see if I could fit in them again. And surprisingly - I could. It's just that I look like a hot pregnant woman with a protruding stomach and booty than what the effect was after.

Main aims in order -

  • lose flab from my thighs - they are huge! And I can never find pants that don't make me look horrible.
  • lose 2 inches off my waist - I want my tiny waist again :(
  • achieve a flat stomach - I have a major pot belly...ewww.....
  • tone up my arms - triceps in particular
  • reduce the size of my butt


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