Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Woohoo!! I weighed myself this morning and I was 54.5 kg!! I have lost 1.5 kg! Not bad at all....

Well, I DID weigh myself before breakfast, but AFTER my workout and shower and fully clothed, so let's take another 500g off, shall we??


*does the happy dance*

Monday, February 18, 2008

Down in the dumps

It's been a hectic week - I've been keeping count of my calories but failing to lose weight. I'm still the same weight I was a week ago AND I've been exercising at least 2 hours a day. It sucks.

Almost wanting to give up but I'm loving the exhilarating feeling I get after working out. Eating wise - it's been up and down - I'm still eating too much fats and carbs. I've got to cut down on chocolate. That's my weakness.

I've started taking FatBlaster - just to see if it works. It helps you suppress your appetite and increases your metabolism so that you break down food faster. Will see after this week how it goes.

Monday, February 11, 2008


So today's meal plan - I couldn't find homemade chicken curry on the site so I just used the closest one - I think what I ate had less calories in it.

Went for a walk today as well - didn't have time for tennis and so hopefully we will go tomorrow. But I think I did a lot of exercise today anyways. That's more than enough for a lazy person like me. I'm exhausted. AND I deserved that ice-cream :P

Weekend worries

Agh! Fallen off the wagon again but it's a new week and I hopped right back on. Evs came home on Friday and with their literally being nothing in the house to eat - it was Mi Goreng noddles for lunch. They are so yummy but my GOD are they fattening. So noodles have to go. Seriously.

Sunday was a bit of an off day too - Evs made pancakes for breakfast then we had KFC for lunch after doing some long hours shopping. We made up for it with a good 1.5 hour workout....uhh...tennis that is :P I have even got Es into this - he is wanting to lose 5 kilos as well (not that he needs to the lucky bastard)

So today - I've been very good. So good that my daily calorie intake is MINUS. Oh yeah!! I think I can do this - if I keep my exercise up and stick to good, healthy food - I'm on my way to myself again!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Meal plan for today - I just made it under the 1200 calories limit even with doing basically no exercise and eating more than I should have chocolate.


Is this how its supposed to work????

Moving along...

Need to keep moving....

My main way to sticking to my 1200 calorie limit is by restricting the food I eat, rather than not worrying so much and combating the extra calories by exercising. Although, I've gone and screwed it up again by devouring 3 fun sized Violet Crumble chocolates - not all at once, mind you, but throughout the day when I have craved something sweet. Plus my water drinking abilities have lessened today. I still have the rest of the day heheh and I'm thirsty now.

I'll be happy when I'm home tomorrow. I've been pretty lazy at my parent's house here and really, pretending to do Tae Bo is not the same as actually doing it.

My exercise routine for the day will include:

Morning -
  • 30 min jog around the lake
  • 45 minute Tae Bo workout
  • 15 minutes vigourous exercise on bike (if I can be bothered by this time)
Afternoon/evening -

  • 30 minute walk around lake (take dogs for walk)
  • 1 hour singles tennis session with Evs (alternate days)
That should be enough to get me moving :P

Ho hum

I've been so busy this morning that really all thoughts of eating have flown right out of my head. I never even realized that it was time for lunch until I heard a rumbling coming from the depths of my stomach. Perhaps this keeping busy thing might stop me from thinking about food so much.

So far:


1 bowl Sultana Bran with the yummy yoghurt covered currants

mid-morning snack:

1 cup of tea, skim milk, 1 tsp sugar
1 rum ball


1 cup of Golden Pumpkin soup
1 salad sandwich - multi grain bread - lettuce, tomato, cheese, little bit 97% fat free mayo

I'm actually quite full after the soup and I still have my sandwich to go. Still struggling to keep drinking water...oh shit - I forgot to take my pill!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yech.....sticking to calories is harder than I thought, especially when there are delicious little treats that little brothers have made.

But I can see I eat waaaaaaay too much in snacks. I'm a Snacker. And I don't know whether it is because of the extra appetite I am getting because of the pills (dosage down to 1 pill a day now), because I have always been hungry when I have gone to eat. I have even been trying to drink water instead of eating to fill myself up which is how I made the 8 glass target today.

Don't know, don't know.....

I think the only way I can afford to eat like that is if I exercise more and right now I am doing shit all because I am at home and due to the shitty weather. Excuses I know, but there is only so much I can do stuck inside and I left my Tae Bo workout DVD at home.

Tomorrow HAS to be better.

Being doing ok today....I had a bit of a relapse when little bro came home and insisted on making Rum Balls. I promptly ate 3 of them :( Maybe it's my mood - it's a bit off and my eating is reflecting that a bit.

Here is my eating plan for today using the Calorie King tools - I'm loving it and it's easier to put up a pic instead of updating so much.

Drinking lots of water today which is good and I found out that 45 minute workout of Tae Bo burns off 409 calories!! So that coupled with walking the dogs when I gt back home and maybe some time on the exercise bike - I have my exercise quota down pat. This also doesn't include all the walking that you do in the day - that's still counted!! :P

I'm making dinner tonight and so have ~ 370 calories to play with. I'm hoping my meal comes under that - Thai Chicken Noodles is on the menu :) Yummmmm :)

EDIT: I went over.....goddamn those rum balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calorie king!

Browsing the net as I do and came across this site which looks to be fantastically helpful. Especially targeted at Australia so I can work out the amount of calories in each thing that I eat, and try and stick to an amount that will help me lose weight.

I've made my own profile and they recommend:

1200 calories a day
30 min exercise

to achieve my target weight of 50kg.

That's doable and you can enter in the foods you eat and they calculate exactly how many calories there are in each serving, and what % comes from carbs etc so you can reduce them as needed.

Although they haven't specified how LONG exactly it will take to achieve this goal, but I'm hoping if I can at least stick to these guidelines, I will see something happening.

New Day

I woke up today feeling ravenous. Also in pain because of this bloody period. But - on the good side my stomach muscles were also a little sore, so not all the pain was bad - I must have worked them a bit if they are smarting today. Weighed in at 55.7 kg. Booya! How I managed to lose 200g is beyond me but not going to get too excited because it's probably just the error margin on the scales. Sigh.

So breakfast:

1 bowl Sultana and Bran with 1/2 cup skim milk

Hunger scale: 8

I will probably have a cup of tea or coffee soon after because I need my caffeine in the morning...

Yesterday I also tried on various items of clothing that I had not touched in about 6 months. You know, just to torture myself to see if I could fit in them again. And surprisingly - I could. It's just that I look like a hot pregnant woman with a protruding stomach and booty than what the effect was after.

Main aims in order -

  • lose flab from my thighs - they are huge! And I can never find pants that don't make me look horrible.
  • lose 2 inches off my waist - I want my tiny waist again :(
  • achieve a flat stomach - I have a major pot belly...ewww.....
  • tone up my arms - triceps in particular
  • reduce the size of my butt

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


1.5 rotis
1 katoree daal (lol - how much is that?? 250mL I suppose)
pumpkin subzi
I tb light natural yoghurt

After-dinner snack:

4 Apple Sour straps (they are too addictive :P 0.1 g fat yay!)
It's almost dinner time and I've managed to eat since lunch:

Mid-afternoon snack:

1 nectarine
1 97% fat-free mixed berry baked bar
1 cup tea, 1/2 tsp sugar, skim milk

Mid-mid-afternoon snack:

4 glasses water
Handful of nuts
1 banana

My god....I eat a lot.


1/2 hr playing the Wii - I got pissed off when I kept losing in Tennis. Hmph. Broke a sweat though which is why I am adding this under exercising.

I'm feeling rather fullish, which may be bloating and also kinda edgy because it IS that time of the month, but I'm still kinda hungry.

Time for dinner me thinks.

Mid-morning snack: 1 nectarine

Lunch: 2 x Mi goreng noodles,
glass of Sunkist

Still not the healthiest lunch but it is filling and I won't be likely to be hungry until dinner now. I hope.

Exercise: 1/2 hr crunches

I'm going to see if there is any good weight-loss blogs out there, but common sense seems to say to me more exercise, less crap. Perhaps might look into those pharmaceutical weight-loss stuff too - SlimFast etc. I wonder if they do work and whether it is worth having them as a meal replacement. Also on the plate - looking into Detox.

Time to start

Ok - so I started a new blog.

With all the crazy thoughts that are in my mind, I needed a way to separate some of them. This blog I aim to try and chronicle my never-ending and looking to be hopelessly futile journey into skinnydom (which if I want to be honest with myself is under 50 kgs). At the moment after eating a not-so-healthy breakfast, I'm feeling the pain of the extra kilos I have put on after getting married in November and just want a place to track my progress I guess.

Also to bitch and moan about the lack of progress without making anyone else insane. I wanted something strong and peppy to motivate me, hence the loving message to myself - Work it out, Biyatch!

I am on cortisone pills at the moment for my hair loss which funnily enough was to do with the stress of getting married but has helped to add on an extra 2 kilos since I started them. They finish by the end of Feb, so hopefully I won't gain anymore by then.

So my goals:

  • I start my first job in a high-flying firm where looking good is paramount to be successful on 3rd March. Which means I have about a month to lose approximately 5 kilos. Or at least be the weight I was (51kg) when I went for my interviews last year.

Start Weight: 55.9 kg (that was really hard to write. I cannot believe I weigh that much)


1 cup Jasmine Tea
2 Chocolate chip hot cross buns with margarine

Exercise: none yet.

That's it so far. I'm going to go to do some ab work and other small exercises as it its quite gloomy outside and looks like rain. If it doesn't rain within half an hour, I'm going to go take a walk.

This is going to be hard, but I REALLY need to do this.


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