Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ok - so it's been a while since I posted here - my weight loss obsession fluctuated from extreme (crying in my walk-in closet for hours) to nonchalant (Daaaym - I still don't look- half-bad so why obsess?) along with many of my blog readers insisting that I wasn't fat. They are right - I don't LOOK fat - I just FEEL fat. And without the clothes - it's a different story. Cellulite and wobbly bits everywhere.

The only thing I like about my body is my breasts. I used to like my waist but that is slowly disappearing.

Anyways - since starting full-time work my eating habits are slightly better - the only thing is I haven't had the chance to exercise much. And while at training - they provide lunch and it's always these little sandwiches and fruit which are so yummy but thank-god healthy so I've been doing ok.

But I did decide to do something drastic.

The Lemon Detox Diet.

It's the one that Beyonce swears by having lost 10 kg's in 2 weeks for her role in Dreamgirls and it's the one that Tania Zaetta promotes and now it's the one I am going to try.

I have never been on a diet before and this is going to take effort.

You basically make up this drink which is a combination of water, tree syrup, lemons and cayenne pepper and drink that instead of eating. I am aware enough to know that it is a sort of starvation diet but it isn't bothering me much. Every Tuesday last year I used to fast along with my Dad - eating only fruits and nuts and having only dinner. THAT was torture for me when I first started and I used to CRAVE carbs and sometime sneakily eat some bread or something. But other days I did it on eating that or less. So I have some faith in myself for completing this. It is meant to last about 7 days and it is somewhat of a test on myself as well if I can refrain from not only eating but eating crap.

This first day has been ok - I woke up late (about 10am) because I was exhausted from the 5:30am starts all week and got busy in housework until I realised I hadn't eaten yet. So I made up a day's worth of the drink and decided to have some.

And it's not bad. I love lemons so that iss fine, and the syrup sweetens it. The cayenne pepper gives it a extra zing, a bit of spice and it's not too bad. I have had cravings for food but every time I do, I drink water or have another glass of the Lemon drink. Evs and I also went to play tennis, but due to the bloody heat we stayed only for an hour. But that was good - I got some exercise in as well.

They say that it's the first couple of days that are the worst and I'm bracing myself for tomorrow where I might experience headaches and dizziness. But so far I have been doing ok and if I lose the average 4 kilos that they say you can lose within a week - then it'll be so worth it.

I know I am crazy, but I am going to see if this works. If not - then I will bow down to all the 'I told you so's' that I know I will deserve.

Wish me luck :)


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