Thursday, February 7, 2008

Moving along...

Need to keep moving....

My main way to sticking to my 1200 calorie limit is by restricting the food I eat, rather than not worrying so much and combating the extra calories by exercising. Although, I've gone and screwed it up again by devouring 3 fun sized Violet Crumble chocolates - not all at once, mind you, but throughout the day when I have craved something sweet. Plus my water drinking abilities have lessened today. I still have the rest of the day heheh and I'm thirsty now.

I'll be happy when I'm home tomorrow. I've been pretty lazy at my parent's house here and really, pretending to do Tae Bo is not the same as actually doing it.

My exercise routine for the day will include:

Morning -
  • 30 min jog around the lake
  • 45 minute Tae Bo workout
  • 15 minutes vigourous exercise on bike (if I can be bothered by this time)
Afternoon/evening -

  • 30 minute walk around lake (take dogs for walk)
  • 1 hour singles tennis session with Evs (alternate days)
That should be enough to get me moving :P


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