Tuesday, March 31, 2009

7-Day Challenge: Day 1

The first day of this challenge and it's been ok. Nothing interesting really. I was actually a little disappointed that I didn't faint, suffer from massive hunger pains or die during the day.

I woke up feeling like something had hit me over the head and left a gaping hole in my stomach. Now usually I'd have a bowl of muesli or Special K with strawberries or my recent discovery - liquid breakfast (as gross as that sounds I'm always up for something that is quick and convenient) - tetra packs of Up & Go that I can have on my way to work. But since I wasn't allowed grains this made breakfast a little tough to figure out. I finally settled on a banana as I battled my way through peak hour traffic (who would have thought when heading AWAY from the city??).

As soon as I got in I knew I need caffeine. And fast. I'd inject it if I had to but luckily for me the coffee machine produced a half-decent skinny milk latte which I had without sugar.

So far so good.

I found that I was a lot more thirsty than I normally would be and drank quite a bit. Which is awesome because I always have trouble drinking enough water. I had my almonds and my fruit before lunch which kept me going.

Lunch was rajma - Evs had made some brown rice to go with it but again with the no grains/rice rule I had to forgo the brown ricey goodness. But I could still have the rajma.

Problem no.1 - there was no microwave at the client. And trust my luck to be at a place so high on security that I almost needed an escort for the loos. The only microwave was in a place so ,so far away that I wasn't going to risk my lunchbreak finding it. So I ate my rajma cold. Wasn't bad :D

The rest of the day went pretty fast - i wasn't as hungry as I thought I would be - it might have had something to do with the second coffee I had around 3pm.

Then I got stuck at the client because they all decided to disappear while we waitied to conduct our exit meeting and get out of there. I was getting impatient because while I knew the meeting was important (I wasn't planning on driving all the way back for a 15 minute briefing) every minute that ticked away was making it harder and harder for me to try and get to my Body Step class in time. FINALLY they showed up and I was out of there by 5:45pm. My class was at 6:30pm and I still had to drive across the suburbs in peak hour traffic, get changed and nab aspot near the fans.

This is important because it's a very popular class, to the point that it gets OVER-crowded and I usually end up feeling extramely faint and have to leave to gulp in some fresh air before I collapse. I think Lady Luck was on my side. Except for one...err...slight incident where I cut an angry motorist off (not my fault!!!) I zoomed my way there (adhering to the speed limits of course. Sorta :P) and made it in time.

Two hours later and a gruelling session of Body Step and Body Pump where my legs were all wobbly and arms aching, I was done. Dinner was simple - just some corn cobs and a green salad and I was full.

Day 1 was over.


Tuesday, 31st March 2009

Daily Summary
Food Energy In: 897 cals
Exercise Energy Out: 90 mins, -830 cals
Net Energy: 67 cals
Net Energy Budget: 1300 cals
End Result: 1233 Calories Under

Glasses of Fluid: 8
Steps: 0Under

Item Calories kJs
1 medium,170g with skin, 16cm/6" (110g) of Fruit, fresh: Banana, raw, edible portion 108 451
1 small container (220mL) of Coffee Shop: Caffe Latte, Skinny w. skim milk, no added sugar 70 297
Total 178 748


Item Calories kJs
1 1 serving (197g) of Rajma Curry: Red Kidney Beans 230 961
Total 230 961


Item Calories kJs
1 kernels from 1 ear (77g) of Vegetables, cooked: Sweetcorn, boiled 83 348
1/2 tablespoon (20mL) of Kraft: Salad Dressings: 100% Fat Free, Italian 5 23
1 serving (30g) of Cheese: Feta, Reduced-Fat 70 294
1 salad of Meals: Salads, Garden / Side Salad, small 100 420
Total 259 1085


Item Calories kJs
20 almond (1.2g) of Nuts: Almonds, raw, w. skin, edible portion 138 578
1 medium (100g) of Fruit, fresh: Plum, average all types, raw, edible portion 46 192
1 medium (100g) of Fruit, fresh: Plum, average all types, raw, edible portion 46 192
Total 230 962


Item Calories kJs
45 mins of Body Pump -415 -1737
45 mins of Body Step -415 -1737
Total -830 -3475

6 comments on "7-Day Challenge: Day 1"

Monika on April 1, 2009 at 3:07 PM said...

good job love ur determination :) all the best girl

Vikas Gupta on April 1, 2009 at 3:31 PM said...

Great theme! Great header!

Great food analysis! You are counting calories! You will surely get the figure in the header or your about me page! Amen!

WSW on April 1, 2009 at 3:50 PM said...

Love the whole look of the site!

And how do you track your meals in such detail?

Silvara on April 1, 2009 at 3:51 PM said...

@ monika - thanks babe - one day down....

@ vikas - hahaha - not aiming for those figures - just to lose the weight that I piled on and be healthy.

But thank you :)

Silvara on April 1, 2009 at 3:53 PM said...

@ WSW - heya girl - I use a site called Calorie King


This more Aussie based. There's a more international one called Daily Plate


You gotta sign up for both but it's free and it calculates the calories and nutrient breakdown for you.

Abby on April 2, 2009 at 7:51 AM said...



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