Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year Countdown - Day 24

Ahem. Yes I'm back doing this again.

It didn't quite work for the last one did it?? But hey - we all make mistakes and besides, it's the new year. A new start, a new beginning.

So, one of my resolutions goals for this year was to lose the 8 kilos that I have piled on since the beginning of 2008. More specifically since I got married. And since I never thought that I would ever gain weight (Pfft. Me go all auntie-shaped??) this realization after a long year has been one that has haunted me and made me despair at the same time.

My current aim is to lose 3 kilos by the 22nd of February, with a check in at the end of January. Why this date? - it's my birthday and I think that if I can look and feel fabulous by then, I'll be on my way to losing the rest of the weight.

Like Rads did with her countdown - I am going to list the foods that I ate and the exercise I did for that day. According to Calorie King I should be eating around 1200 calories a day and doing 30mins of exercise if I want to see results. I usually go over and don't exercise enough, so that's something I want to change. Right now I am more focused on changing my diet and exercising regularly that I'm not too fussed if I go over a bit. Plus we all need treats now and then :P

But here's to a new start:

Wednesday, 7th January 2009

Daily Summary
Food Energy In: 1471 cals
Exercise Energy Out: 85 mins, -591 cals
Net Energy: 880 cals
Net Energy Budget: 1200 cals
End Result: 320 Calories Under
Glasses of Fluid: 4Under
Steps: 0Under

Item Calories kJs
3/4 cup (55g) of Muesli: Muesli, toasted 161 674
1/3 serving (200g) of Gippsland: Yoghurt: Organic, Fat Free Natural 35 147
3 medium strawberry (30g) of Fruit, fresh: Strawberries, raw, edible portion 30 122
Total 226 943

Item Calories kJs
1 medium (120g) of Fruit, fresh: Nectarine, raw, edible portion 53 222
1 medium,170g with skin, 16cm/6" (110g) of Fruit, fresh: Banana, raw, edible portion 108 451
1 serving, 20 medium (30g) of Nuts: Cashews, dry roasted w. salt 173 721
Total 333 1394

Item Calories kJs
1 serving (200g) of Ingham: Chicken Dishes: Crumbed, Breast Schnitzel, Fresh 282 1180
1 serving, 1/10 packet (100g) of McCain: Vegetables, frozen: Potato, Superfries, Extra Long French Fries 142 592
1 teaspoon (5g) of Continental: Stock Powder: Chicken, dry 15 61
1/2 serving (25g) of Coon: Cheese: Shredded, Light & Tasty 42 174
10 g of Five Brothers: Pasta Sauces: Oven Roasted Onion & Garlic w. Wine 5 21
Total 485 2028

Item Calories kJs
1 rounded teaspoon (1.8g) of Coffees: Coffee, Instant, Granulated, Ground (Regular or Decaffeinated), dry 4 18
15 mL of Dairy Farmers: Milk, fresh: Skim 5 22
1 1/2 level teaspoon (4g) of Sugars: White 24 102
1 medium (300g) of Fruit, fresh: Mango, raw, peeled, edible portion 165 690
1 serving (70g) of Gelati Italia: Ice Confections: Sorbet, Lemon 82 343
2 teaspoon (5g) of Cadbury: Chocolate Powder: Bournville Cocoa, dry 32 132
1 cup (250mL) of Dairy Farmers: Milk, fresh: Skim 88 370
1/2 miniatures (10g) of Cadbury: Chocolates: Block, Dairy Milk 26 110
Total 426 1787

Item Calories kJs
40 mins of Spinning -461 -1930
45 mins of Pilates -130 -543
Total -591 -2473

Looking at that, I still need to drink more water and cut down on the sugar. And I snacked heaps. It was hot and I had a craving for something sweet so I had some lemon sorbet :P And it's mango season - how could I not??? And then in the evening, Evs made a delicious hot chocolate.

Went to the gym for 2 hours. Since I am still at home for this week, I was able to make the weekly Pilates class. Shame it's on not on later or more often. Today I actually feel a lot better and I'm lot more aware of my posture :)

Spin class always makes me sweat and getting back into it after the holiday break, I pushed myself a little harder. I find that the girl who takes the Monday class works us harder than the Wednesday class.

Tomorrow will be a better day :)

1 comments on "New Year Countdown - Day 24"

Vikas Gupta on March 27, 2009 at 3:48 AM said...

Hey! great blog! Found you on Roopscoop! :)

Will read later (really very busy these months); hope you are achieving your health goals.


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