Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 20

Ok - so this is going to be really tough.

With all the Christmas parties and amount of work I have to get done before the Annual Firm Shutdown (where we are "encouraged" to take Annual Leave) - I am eating pretty crappily and not exercising as much as I was about a few weeks ago.

So yesterday's tally:

1. 1 2-egg omlette with tomato, fetta, chilli and spring onions
2. 1 glass of breakfast juice
3. 1 cup of instant coffee with skim milk, 1 sugar
4. 1st glass of water
5. ~30g Lindt dark chocolate with orange
6. 2nd glass of water
7. 1/2 katoree mattar paneer
8. 3rd glass of water

At the Christmas BBQ at one of the Partner's houses. (this is where it went downhill)

9. Handful of maltesers
10. 4th glass of water
11. 1/2 can coke
12. 1/2 sausage in a white bread roll, buttered and with American mustard
13. 50g Ceasar salad
14. 60g Roast lamb salad (with pumkin, beetroot, baby spinach, walnuts)
15. 1 Heaven ice-cream (Caramel flavoured).
16. 5th glass of water.

Didn't exercise either - got home and was too knackered from getting lost in the suburbs when my GPS decided to fail to find a signal and reulted in me doing circles. But - does playing with the dog for 20 minutes count???

Still - not enough water and too much sugar in my diet. The Ceasar salad while it sounds healthy, wasn't, but I only had a little bit and more of the lamb salad which was much nicer.

I didn't have any alcohol while I was there (because I was driving) and while tempted to have a nice cold glass of white wine, I was pretty happy with the water I was drinking. The Coke was way too sugary - this is after switching to Coke Zero for quite a while now - but had no other choice. Didn't have much lunch as I was going to this BBQ - but I was working from home in the morning and I remembered I had some paneer in the fridge that I had bought in the thought I'd make mattar paneer.

Since, however, I have been out for dinner more often this week than at home, I wasn't sure when I'd get the chance to make it. Plus, after catching the cooking bug before I was itching to try to make this. I had attempted this before while I was living with my in-laws and it didn't turn out so well. So I determined to do better.

And...yes it was great!!

One thing I find though - I have signed up to the this Calorie Counting website that it hand to work out the % of nutrients I am getting from my diet and see exactly how many calories are in the food we eat. However, it's hard to calculate how many calories there would be in an Indian dish like mattar paneer.

The site tells me that I should aim for 1200 calories a day and I often get there or over by a bit and have found my diet is too full of fat and carbs. So - that's some food for thought.

Tonight is the Firmwide Xmas party - a Venetian masked ball theme. No sit-down dinner but finger food and PLENTY of alcohol. So this is going to be an interesting night.

More tomorrow.

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