Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The wagon keeps moving

After reading Rad's successful attempts to lose weight by really not doing too much at all - I am inspired to get back on the wagon.

My goal is still the same - actually it's gone up - so let's just say it's 8 kilos. Rads goes about by listing all the food she eats at the end of the day, making sure she has her 8 glasses of water. She does about 30 minutes of exercise a day and in about 2 weeks she has lost 4.1 pounds (1.89 kilos)!!.

That is a fantastic result!!

So my goal time is 31st December - just in time for this year to end. My goal is to lose 2.5 kilos in that time (5.5 pounds). I think it's doable. 3 weeks exactly - an average of 0.83 kilos a week.

This is going to be hard because I have parties and functions throughout this period, and will be eating like shit but a goal is a goal.


So let's do it.

Day 21 - dinner with the Girls tonight

1. 1 medium Granny Smith Apple
2. Large Skinny latte (400mL/skim milk) with no sugar
3. 1st nectarine
4. 1st glass of water
5. ~8 Arnotts Chicken Crimpy biscuits (they were there!!)
6. 1 sachet (40g) of Sunbeam Natural Fruit and Nut mix (sultanas, raw - peanuts, almonds, cashews)
7. 1 cup of daal-chawal (toor daal, no tadka and white rice)
8. 2nd glass of water
9. 2nd nectarine
10. 1 peach
11. 1 cup peppermint tea
12. 1/2 small lemon custard tart (met up with Yogi)
13. 3rd glass of water
14. 4th glass of water
15. Lamb with broad beans and this filo pastry thing
16. 1/2 Honey and date cheesecake (it was tiny - so not worth the price!)
17. 1/4 slice of chocolate cake (that Mike fed me at Yogi's place!!)

Exercise - all up about 45 mins of walking at ~ 4 kmph

So not quite the start I was looking for...but it's there.

Less sugar, less carbs, more exercise.

3 comments on "The wagon keeps moving"

rads on December 11, 2008 at 3:05 PM said...

oh yayyyyy, u are counting down too! awesome. Muah. Love u for doing it with me. Yesyes, u shall lose, and so shall I, though today didn't look so good :(

But yes, we shall do it! w00! :))

Silvara on December 12, 2008 at 10:02 AM said...

i know...i think the nexzt few days aren't going to look so good either but i am going to make an effort as much as i can anyways.

Hopefully I can see some results :)

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