Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Guess who's back!

Yeah guess who's back.

Not Slim Shady (which would be ironic both in the nature of the name and the rumours that he has ballooned since his last album) but MOI.

It has been...how long since I last blogged here?? March....to....October. That's like 7 months! Almost to the day as well.

Yeah well. Got busy.

In that time my weight has gone up another 2.5 kilos and I have nobody to blame but...the Melbourne weather. Primarily the onset of Winter and the carb-loaded goodness that one tends to eat while freezing their ass off.

Settling into full-time work has also brought a new set of challenges but am dealing. Not buying lunch every day like many of the people here do - but have the luxury of a husband who can get ready in 20 minutes and thus has the time to create a gourmet sandwich for my eating pleasure.

We bought a new house and moved out of the parental home, also signifying the ends of an eating era. Gone would be the dinners swimming in butter and cream (courtesy of Ev's Dad's chef skills being flourished before us) and we would start to create meals of our own - some reminiscent of the food that Ev's Dad would cook and some that we made ourselves.

My wholesome Indian vegetarian food that my mother made while I was living at home has taken a back burner - I have many of the ingredients to cook it but a laksa always wins. Plus I'm lazy when I have a fully-functional husband to deal with the cooking stuff :P

The biggest thing so far in the midst of all the moving, settling and putting on more weight was that I rejoined the gym. *cue dramatic music*

Yes I did! Currently am on a trial membership that allows me to have a taste of all what the gym has to offer without having to fork out the moolah-lah.

And...I have to say - I love it!!!

It's a great gym - about 10-15 minutes from home and the train station meaning that there is no excuse for me to NOT go past it and then stop by. It is a women's only gym - something that I wasn't actively looking for but appreciate all the same. Because there is nothing to hide there. Women of all ages, all body shapes come there and nobody takes a second look. Well - maybe if there was a Megan Fox lookalike but there isn't. We are all, convincingly normal. (Except for the woman that was there that was literally pounding the machines like they had wronged her not only in THIS life but 3 more before this)

I walked in feeling a bit nervous. As you do when venturing into a place that was once so familiar to you (I sound like I had an intimate relationship with...say...the Stepping machine. Oh I did. I HATED it like nothing before.)

But this time I was determined to get the butt wiggling and thighs jiggling and I was sure that the poundage would just drop off. PLUS - the best thing about this gym is that they had Spinning Classes. If you don't know what that is - let me enlighten you.

Spin classes are the upgraded, turbocharged, Version 5.0 of the exercise bike routine. A semi-circle of these funky bikes are in a room while a peppy, lithe instructor (also known as the Torturer) will be at the front of the class. She will usually speak in bursts of sweetness and military-style yelling to get you all going through flats and hills and won't even break a sweat while you almost drown in the puddle at your feet. It is like torture in a classroom. Why women would voluntarily sign up for this torture is because you see and get results - fast.

And that's what I want.

But this time I was going to take it a little slow so I didn't drop dead soon after running, and just hit the treadmills with enthusiasm. And what treadmills they were! I was swooning when I saw them - high-tech machines that gleamed under the lights just CALLING me to use them. They each had a TV screen IN the machine so I could watch Friends while keeping an eye out on the number of calories I was burning. I walked and even took it up to a steady jog for about 20 minutes before the image of the Pussycat Dolls on MAX started to blur as the sweat dripped into my eyes.

I took one of the complimentary wet towels and wiped myself and the machine off while I caught my breath. As I was heaving and potentially about to heave up a lung, I saw on the timetable board that the next class was Body Balance - a mixture of Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Meditation. Sounded like just what I needed after a long day at work and I slipped into the classroom just as the instructor told us all to go into "Down Dog" position.

A What-Dog position?? I looked around to see whether I was in the right class and not the Fit For The Bedroom session and saw to my relief that it wasn't what I was thinking at all. We stretched and twisted and balanced (By the way - I SUCK at balance. I fell over so many times that the instructor just told me to stand still) and then finished with the Happy-Baby position. By the time the class was over I could do the Down Dog, Up Dog, Happy Baby, Twisted Lotus, Salute the Sun and something that I like to think in most humans would be impossible.

I left the gym feeling refreshed and happy that I had made the effort to come once again.

Now let's just see if I can stick with it.

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Keshi on October 7, 2008 at 12:19 PM said...

yeyyyyyyy WB Fitness blog and all the best Silvara with ur gymming! TREAD it slow and steady. :)


Anonymous said...



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